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Welcome to vortexboxeurope

 is the perfect way to store and stream digital music, video and Internet radio.
VortexBox features*:

 Playback downloaded music in highest quality, including HiRes audio (24bit/192K, or higher)
 -  Play 1,000's of Internet radio stations from UK and overseas including BBC and BBC iPlayer radio
 -  Streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz etc
 -  General purpose network file server (NAS) for pictures, documents etc
 -  Playback locally or around house to network players, Sonos, Squeezebox etc
 -  Control with Apple, Android phone/tablet or from MAC/PC 
 -  Transfer your CD/DVD/BluRay into digital format (Rip to hard drive) **
 -  Simple Operation

Software Version features: (Some hardware dependent)
  -  Bit-perfect, Multi-function Music/Media Server/Streamer
  -  Automatic CD Ripping, Automatic Indexing and Album cover-art download
  -  Stream Music/Video/Radio to Multiple Devices*
  -  Stream UPnP/DLNA to NAIM, Linn, Cyrus, Marrantz, Linn,  Pioneer, Denon etc
  -  Use external USB DACs up-to 384Khz/24 bit Gapless ( and <DSD 128 with suitable DAC)
  -  On-board analogue Gapless output for amp/powered speakers connection (not all models)
  -  Incremental back-up to removable USB hard-drive  - safer than RAID system
  -  Stream video to network enabled players or Smart TVs (Normally MKV format)

*  Feature may depend on playback device and/or connection method. (Some services:  Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, MakeMKV (DVD Ripping) etc require subscriptions from provider)

** Digital conversion/storage of music/video is not permitted in all countries. Please check for your location.  It is unlawful to copy material without the permission of the Copyright holder.
Stream music at high quality to wireless players from Logitech Squeezebox and SONOS or network players from many other manufacturers using the in-built UPnP (DLNA) Server.  Most USB DACs connect directly or the Vortexbox analogue output can link directly to an existing HiFi amplifier or powered speakers. (Special version for B&O Encore - please notify us)

Purchase from the VortexboxUK range of pre-built tested, energy efficient systems.  We load latest Vortexbox OEM*** software + preset typical settings for out-of-the box use with: Squeezebox, most USB DACs and DLNA network players (NAIM, Cyrus, Linn, Oppo, Marrantz, Denon, Cambridge, Onkyo, SONOS and many others)

Connections: Ethernet, USB (DAC/back-up), audio out (<192kHz/24bit), SONOS, UPnP/DNLA, Squeezebox (LMS), Network File Server 

VortexBoxUK is the authorised distributor of VortexBox systems to EU customers. 12 month RTB warranty for units supplied by us. USA, Canada, Africa, and non-EU orders are normally shipped from  Australia and New Zealand may purchase locally from

   * Open Source databases requiring an Internet connection are used for CD detection and tagging.
  ** CDs with copy protection or embedded video may need to be ripped on an external system
 *** OEM software is a version specially prepared for us by Vortexbox.USA 

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SONOS compatible
HiRes inc DSD Playback

HiCapacity now up to 6TB
Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify etc

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