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Misc items, SW, Repairs, Power, Upgrades
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Mains power lead
Mains power lead
Standard computer leads used with most of our products
VB Service / Upgrade
VB Service / Upgrade
VortexBox Appliance out of date, or need attention? As a service to VortexBox users we will upgrade systems supplied by us or our Partners Over a period of time systems may run warmer as dust builds up inside. The cooling fans in some systems are critical. If they fail it is likely that the system will...
iFi Low noise Power Supply PSU
iFi Low noise Power Supply PSU
20 Times Quieter Than Conventional Audiophile Linear Power Supplies: iFi iPower Instantly Improves Performance of All iFi Components and Virtually Every Other DC-Powered Product iFi iPower Power Supply Lets You Hear More Music, Detail, and Clarity: 12-Element Output Array, Virtually Nonexistent Noise...
VortexBox V2.4 Software CD
VortexBox V2.4 Software CD
VortexBox Software CD Test our software or build your own system. You are welcome to download VortexBox SW from and make your own disk. If you do not wish to download this yourself our bootable VortexBox SW disc with the latest version of VortexBox SW will allow build your own VortexBox...
Sbooster 12V  Linear Power Supply - BOTW P&P ECO..
Sbooster 12V Linear Power Supply - BOTW P&P ECO..
Linear Power Supply 12volt, 3 amp. Suitable for many of our units except Vortexbox Appliance and Audiostore Server (and some models of ROON Server) Comes with a selection of output socket adapters. (2.5mm, 2.1mm etc) If you require a unit for the Audiostore Server (19v) please contact us. More information:...
Uptone UltraCap™ LPS-1 Power Unit - Pre-order. N..
Uptone UltraCap™ LPS-1 Power Unit - Pre-order. N..
World's first bank-switching, microprocessor-controlled, ultracapacitor-based, ultra-low-noise external linear power supply Use of the UltraCap LPS-1 in a quality music reproduction system will yield surprisingly audible improvements inviting comparisons to any other low voltage linear power supply....
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