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DACS, Interface, WiFi and Misc

Connect a USB DAC to your Vortexbox

A simple way to get the best from your VortexBox music

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Bliss Unlimited Software Licence
Bliss Unlimited Software Licence
Unlimited 'fix' licence for Bliss (We email this directly to you)
ifi Nano iDSD USB DAC
ifi Nano iDSD USB DAC
Brilliant Hi-End Async USB 384/32 + DSD Digital Analogue Converter Staggering Value high quality stereo analogue audio up to 384kHz/32bit available from your PC, Mac, Vortexbox, iPad or Android tablet. Use as a DAC.  Use as a Headphone amp   Use as a USB to SPDIF converter...
External USB CD/DVD Ripper Drive
External USB CD/DVD Ripper Drive
External USB CD/DVD ripper drives for Vortexbox Servers (or Vortexbox without internal CD) Plug-in to rip CDs and remove when not required. We assemble these in-house to work better than most others.  Tray and 'Slot' versions available (Tray version need two hands to operate) High...
High Quality Remote Player
High Quality Remote Player
Remote DAC The IQAudIO P-DAC is a network music player  - site anywhere Can be used as a Squeezebox replacement but improved quality Syncs with your existing Squeezebox Players Shows as a Player on VortexBox and all Squeezebox player APPs Connect to any amp or powered...
WiFi Bridge -add WiFi!
WiFi Bridge -add WiFi!
WiFi Bridge – Wireless G (max 54 Mb/s)   This useful gadget works like a WiFI dongle except that it does not require drivers on the connected network device. Therefore it will replace a WiFi dongle in many applications that lack WiFi support ( such as VortexBox ) or where...
ifi iDAC2
ifi iDAC2
Brilliant Hi-End Async USB 384/32 + DSD Digital Analogue Converter A significant upgrade of the acclaimed original Micro iDAC, the astounding  iFi Micro iDAC2 DSD DAC/headphone amplifier  operates as a  pure Class A  design and offers True Native playback of files...
E-DAC 24bit USB DAC Old model
E-DAC 24bit USB DAC Old model
Epiphany E-DAC Quality USB 24bit DAC @ 96Kb/s Last one, our demo system, use discount code 15PERCENT The Epiphany  E-DAC has received many positive reviews having been conceived to offer high audio quality at an attractive price. Assembled in the UK and supplied to us by Epiphany...
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