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VB MicroServer Plus

5 product stars
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VB MicroServer Plus Summary

Aluminium case, very low noise Streamer/Server

All Aluminium - very compact.  Ideal if you already have much of your music in digital format or prefer to RIP on an external system.

Connect most USB external CD drives or our optional Slimline USB CD/DVD drives for automated VortexBox Ripping (can remove when not required)

Stream to Wireless receivers, connect to USB DAC or use inbuilt analogue output directly into amplifier or powered speakers

Dual-core CPU, 500GB min hard drive

H65mm x W200mm x D240mm. 

Rear: Ethernet 100/1000 MB/s, 2 x USB, Vortexbox player analogue output, (COAX SPDIF optional)

Power 12v power (adaptor supplied).  110v/120v/220v/230V 
Operating power ~12w (depends on model).
Power indicator - Blue 

This unit is convection cooled so should be placed in a well-ventilated area
Horizontal placement only (Please choose fan option for longest life in enclosed space)

Box contents: VortexBox System, User Guide, external power adapter, power cable, 1M network cable

Dispatch normally 3 days

   240/250 GB will store average of 500+ CDs in flac format
   480/500 GB will store average of 1100+ CDs in flac format
   960/1000 GB will store average of 2200+ CDs in flac format

4TB version stores around 10,000 CDs. Operating system on SSD

Roon (Standard Version) uses regular Vortexbox Nova but has enhanced performance for Roon use (larger, operating system on SSD and increased ram) For large storage drives we recommend the Lux Roon Server or Premium Roon Server (faster CPUs)  You need to purchase the Roon App from Roon Labs to playback.
Customer Reviews
4 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
VB Mini with Roon Server - Lee Newton - 08/08/2016
Firstly I'd like to thank Martin for his outstanding help and support. I now have a fully functioning VB mini with SSD & Roon Server set-up, along with an external CD drive. I purchased the VB Mini with 2TB capacity. This arrived and was installed and up and running within minutes. Unfortunately after a few days of ripping my CD's, the VB stopped being seen on the network. On inspection via remote terminal, it seem to have crashed. Contacted Martin and sent VB back. Seems I corrupted the O/S. Martin rebuilt O/s, replaced power supply (as a just in case) and returned machine. Received refreshed VB and started with CD ripping again,but after 35 CD's same issue again. I noticed that it was the same CD that I was ripping that cause the initial its so once again contacted Martin and machine sent back. Martin gave me a bell one evening to discuss the situation re: my current equipment, what I was trying to do etc, and Martin said he would go away and think about what my best options where for the VB. This turned out to be a new VB Microserver Plus, which wasn't around when I purchased the VB mini, so t's replacing the VB mini. This gave me a 1TB SSD with faster CPU to support Roon Server and I added an external CD drive as an after thought. All in all Martin has provided an excellent service and support and has catered to and understood my requirements, even though I thought I had done my research. It's nice to know that you can reply on the support of the supplier at anytime of the day or night it seems .i.e exchanging emails late evening.

5 product stars
Addendum ,error correction About my set up - Thaya - 27/08/2015
My setup is Sonos play 5 2, Sonos connect 1, Naim uniti 2 , and various laptops, pc's running windows 7&10 ,Apple Mac, Linux, IPads , IPhones all work perfectly so far. Used for 3 days after setting up in about 1 hour but it will work straight out of the box in a simpler set up. Spotify, tuneup premium all work well

5 product stars
Brilliant Product & Excellent Service - Thaya - 27/08/2015
It seems to do all it claims so far in Audio. I have not used it for ripping Discs or for video streaming so can't comment on that. I use DB power amp on a PC for ripping cd. Martin at Vortexbox UK was extremely helpful in helping me to choose the product and configuring it. He spent nearly 2 hours with me in explains and showing me the workings(by prior appointment). He answered subsequent queries promptly and in detail. He is a real enthusiast and very knowledgeable.I would strongly recommend anyone buying a product to spend some time doing a shortlist of your needs and then discuss with Martin or visit him if you need. He will help you choose the right product and configure it. Value for money? I would have been happy paying twice the amount for the service, configuration and help in buying the right product. My set up : so is play 5 2; songs connect 1; Naim uniti 2; Yamaha AV amp. All work without a glitch with the mini server.

5 product stars
Excellent Music Play & Storage - John Langley - 20/05/2014
I am delighted with my VB Microserver Silent SSD, it is straight forward to set up and easy to load with ripped music files. It is easy to operate on my Samsung Tablet with a down loaded music play app. and delivers the music to my Dac in a straight forward trouble free way. I can now run my music files 24/7, totally independently of my PC. Interestingly, the sound of my music has improved now my music files are being delivered free of all the workings of the PC.

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