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VB Appliance

4 product stars
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Internal Optical Drive*
Stand (for vertical use)*
Select power cable*
Choose Network Cable*
Pre-Enable special features*
Additional Output - DAC, SPDIF, AES/EBU
Shipping insurance (optional)*
Saturday delivery (UK only)*
Warranty (Return to Base)*

VB Appliance Summary

Automatic CD ripping NAS system, now in MK3 version

Capacity of around 2200+ CDs in lossless FLAC format per 1000GB (=1TB)
 (or lots more MP3's)

Latest version of the widely reviewed VortexBox Appliance.  Durable and compact. Now with Gapless playback.
* Very quiet, has only one small quiet fan.  (30db)
  * MK3 versions are dual-core CPU. (Much reviewed MK1 system was single-core)
  * Plenty of power for multiple audio and/or video streams
  * Low energy.  Green components.  Low noise, low power. Uses less than 30w
  * Full-size CD/DVD drive for faster Ripping speeds (approx 40% faster than slim-line drives)
  * Gigabit network supports 10/100/1000 Mb/s connection for fast transfers
  * 4 x USB2 for USB DAC, and external backup 
  * Compact Size - 2.5" H x 11.75" W x 10.5" D

  * Horizontal or vertical operation (with optional stand)

Box contents: VortexBox System, User Guide, external power adaptor, power cable, 1M CAT6 cable,

* Optical Drive - The standard drive fitted is intended for CD ripping although it may also be used for converting DVDs with the in-built MakeMKV DVD software.  Users will need to purchase a licence directly from MakeMKV (~$50) although at the time of writing a free monthly licence  has been available whilst the software is in Beta development.  We have made a BluRay drive available as a hardware option.  This is for medium term compatibility and does not imply any capability. (The BluRay drive Rips CDs slightly slower than the standard drive).  Please comply with local laws.

 For lowest acoustic noise levels please see Vortexbox Prestige, VortexBox Lux, VortexBox XL,  or VB Microserver/Slimserver
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Customer Reviews
6 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Great product - Henri - 10/23/2011
I received my VBMusic appliance a week ago and love it every day more. Scanning my music collection is a breeze. The only minus is cover art of older classical cd's often can not be found. This has of course nothing to do with the functioning of the VB but it is a tedious work to scan the covers of these cd's and put them in the right place.Integration in my local network was very easy and VB was immediatle recognised by IMac, Ipad and PS3. I use the Squeezebox duet or IPad for remote. At first music has been played from the analog out of the SB, but sound was dull, flat and uninvolving. Changing to the Vortexboxplayer made a world of difference. Music now shines and has good dept, bass is firm and quick while highs are clean and not harsh at all. So guys, dont be so modest about the built-in sound card!! P.S.: Keep up the good work. My initial questions were answered VERY quickly and adequatly.

5 product stars
Vortexbox - Nigel Little - 08/14/2011
Still finding my way round the VB and it's many features.I'm pleased with Bliss there is very little it has not found. The support and help I've had from VB UK has been 1st class. I'm not that "techie" but any queries I've had or issues I've encounted have been dealt with promptly. I cannot praise them enough.Martin has been fantastic,they deserve to do well.This is an excellent product and their aftersales support is spot on.If you're looking for a ripping srver don't worry just buy it. There are no catches,just great value.

5 product stars
Vortexbox and Naim Uniti - Nigel Little - 07/31/2011
I have ripped almost 400 albums without a hitch. It does what it says at a fraction of the price of its competitors.It works well with the Naim Uniti Qute.Once you tag the files to FLAC the Qute just finds them straight away and you're off, The sound is brilliant the standard Naim interface works perfectly and the Vortex Box works a treat via the standard Naim remote. The Vortexbox is hooked up to the WIFI router( a standard O2 bog basic) and streams to the Qute in the next room no problemI use the this combo in a Naim high end system as a source but as a stand alone combo you have a class act with change out of £2000 all you'd have to do is add some decent speakers and most people would be delighted with the results. Beware of expensive imitations!

5 product stars
Fantastic Product! - JimCM - 06/18/2011
Have had my VBA for only a few days, but am already in love with it!! It can be left permanently switched on, and when not in use in powersave mode it will only consume less than 3 watts. Am happily ripping my entire CD collection, and with my Squeezebox Touch connected via optical cable to my hi-fi system audio performance is stunning, with all my music instantly available - Fantastic!!

5 product stars
Vortexbox 1TB - Jon - 01/10/2011
Had the Vortexbox for a few months now and think it is great. I had no idea how to start putting together a NAS and streaming solution and this unit has proven very easy and stable to run with my Logitech Squeezebox Touch. There are many solutions out there but this seems the simplest and most cost effective. Love the ability to instantly access all my music and play random playlists. The customer support from Vortexbox has been first rate too. Great product.

4 product stars
Vortexbox Appliance - Andrej - 09/27/2010
After a week of using the appliance, I am very satisfied with it. Everything works as expected, very simple to install and use. It needed a little bit of tweaking the config file for ripping (to organize and name directories/files to my taste).There are two things that I find annoying:1. One cannot change the flac/mp3 tags BEFORE ripping, so there is a lot of manual work to change something.2. The included Vortexbox Player does not really support gapless playback (it is a very small hiccup between tracks, but nevertheless it is not prefect)I hope this will be changed in future revisions.

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