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VB Essential

5 product stars
£360.00 inc. tax

£300.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

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Internal Hard Drive*
Internal Optical Drive*
Performance Options*
Low cost 44.1/16bit DAC for Home-automation Multic*
Product Branding*
Pre-Enable special features*
Select Power Cable (IEC Kettle)*
Shipping insurance (optional)*
Warranty (Return to Base)*

VB Essential Summary

Low cost unit with faster ripper drive

Store at least 1,000 CDs (typically 1,200+) to around 20,000 CDs in flac, or other formats

Rear panel - Network port and 2 x USB, main voltage input (220-240 volt)
  • Full-size CD/DVD drive for fast Ripping speeds (approx 50% faster than slim-line drives)
  • Full-size hard-drive for improved performance
  • Vortexbox 2.3 software
  • Compact overall size 95mm x 290mm (inc stand),  320mm (Depth)
  • Mains power supply with low noise fans

* Optical Drive - The standard drive fitted is intended for CD ripping.  It may also be used for converting DVDs with the in-built MakeMKV DVD software.  Users will need to purchase a licence directly from MakeMKV (~$50) although at the time of writing a free monthly licence  has been available whilst the software is in Beta development.  We have made a BluRay drive available as a hardware option.  This is for medium term compatibility and does not imply any capability. Please comply with local laws.

Standard VortexBox software V2.3 software with option of built-in full size CD/DVD drive enables the VB Essential to RIP, catalogue, manage, store and stream music to a variety of devices. 

Fast CD ripper drive (approx 50% than other products) 

VortexBox requires a network cable connection to your Internet router and an INTERNET connection to download CD information, cover art etc and to allow remote management through any network browser.  

Ideal for use in a server cupboard or utility area. Best used vertically it may be positioned horizontal if preferred (Note when horizontal the power indicator lamp is on the right hand side (Top when vertical))  Full-size CD/DVD drive installed for fast performance and long life.

We recommend fan-less systems where Vortexbox is sited in a living or listening area (or used with a DAC)

Standard Specification:
Single-core processor,  1GB RAM, 10/100Mb/s network connection,  230v EU mains power supply.
Dual core option includes 1000 Mb/s network capability

Limited Nova Option: CPU upgrade, RAM upgrade, GB network, Nova software (network output only)

Accessories Supplied

1M network cable, optional stand for vertical use. 

Noise levels increase during CD ripping 
For lowest acoustic noise levels please see all other Vortexbox UK products which are fanless.

Specifications liable to change without notice
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Customer Reviews
5 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
What a joy! - Michael - 15/03/2013
If you think that customer service is dead in the UK, think Vortexbox, think Martin. Martin is a man with a mission and a passion. A mission to ensure that you get the best possible service when it comes to selecting and buying a CD ripper/NAS; and a passion in what he sells. I came across Vortexboxuk by chance as I was trying to replace an existing one from another manufacturer - problems with connectivity and appalling after sales service. It was effortless with Martin as you can hear from his voice on the phone that nothing is too difficult. He spend a good 30 minutes on the phone with me and guided me through all the different Vortexboxes available, and recommended me the cheapest option in the end! What a guy. He even spend another good 20 - 25 min on the phone with me when my Vortexbox arrived (next day service, of course) to help set it up. The whole experience was seamless and I'm a very happy man once again as I can stream my music effortlessly. Also, the software is a lot more stable than my old system. Thank you, Martin!

5 product stars
Vortexbox Essential - Matti - 23/08/2012
Great product and great service. The unit works flawlessly and it arrived to me here in Finland fast and safe. I use my VortexBox with Squeezebox Duo and with external USB dac. Sound quality is superb. While ripping my CD's to VortexBox I've re-discovered some great music from my collection. VorteBox has really made me listen to more music and for that I am very grateful. Thank you.

5 product stars
VortexBox - Andy - 10/05/2012
I m a computer novice but regard myself as a hi-fi buff, so having decided to buy the Naim ND5 XS streamer, I needed to partner it with reliable storage and a CD ripper (enough for over 7,000 CD s!!!). Vortexbox seemed to offer the solution and I was very grateful that Martin at Vortexbox UK took the time to answer my emails (probably basic stuff to him but perplexing to me) regarding storage and above all reliability - as their ad says, I unpacked the box plugged in the CD ripper connected to the internet and within minutes I d ripped, stored and played my first CD . Thanks Martin like you said it s that s easy. Andy, Hythe, Kent.

5 product stars
VortexBox Nano - Tom - 18/01/2012
Service was second to none. Martin was extremely helpful and friendly, offering advice on what best suited my needs. The Nano arrived promptly and was working with my Mac, Squeezebox and iPhone within an hour from un-packing to playing music. As a Mac user, it was very simple to set up. Just a case of plugging the VortexBox into the router and dragging files across from the Mac's finder. It also works well with my Homeplug system that provides ethernet and wi-fi to another part of the house. Top service that you will not find on the high-street. Truly bespoke with a top-quality product that is great value for money. I'd been looking for a solution like this for a long time and I am very pleased I went with VortexBox.

5 product stars
Does what it says on the tin - Simon - 03/08/2011
I am so pleased I purchased the vortexbox to update my hifi system. Ordered Friday evening and had it plugged in working on Wednesday afternoon. Had already played with the software but wanted a dedicated server. Build quality is great and worked straight out of the box. Within 15 mins of arriving I had ripped my first CD and had it playing via Squeezebox Touch. So easy to set up and hasn't missed a beat so far. Highly recommended.

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