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VortexBox Lux

5 product stars
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Vortexbox Lux*
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VortexBox Lux Summary

Solid aluminium front and sides, very low noise, fan-less operation  (drives on anti-vibration mount)

VB Lux 1000+ - space for around 1200 CDs, or more, in flac format (500GB)
VB Lux 1500+ - space for around 1800 CDs, or more, in flac format (750GB)
VB Lux 2000+ - space for around 2500 CDs, or more, in flac format (1TB)
VB Lux 2000+ Hybrid - space for around 2500 CDs.  Conventional drive with 8GB integrated SSD for slicker performance

New Lux 4000+ - space for around 4000 CDs, or more, in flac format (2TB)

New Lux Server  - space for around 12,000 CDs, or more, in flac format (6TB).  An external USB CD drive can be connected for ripping or copy/paste existing music.  (Plain front - no CD slot) (Silver available - please enquire (approx 2 weeks))

  Innovative heat-pipe cooling system, no spinning fans
  Dual-core CPU, 2GB memory
  Solid aluminium front and sides

  (Low noise, low-power laptop drives)

  1000MB/s Gigabit Network (also supports 100MB/S), Slot CD drive
  USB ports for back-up and external DAC, inc Asynchronous DACs upto 192k/24bit or up to DSD128
  Now OPTICAL TOSLINK or SPDIF COAX options for external DAC
  (TOSLINK version uses slightly more power -  (also includes a USB 3 port))

  All Vortexbox features including UPnP/DLNA for Cyrus, B&O, Naim, Linn, Marrantz, Cambridge etc
  Onboard Minim DLNA Server for netwrk wav streaming to NAIM  (coverts flac to wav on-the-fly) user installable/configurable)
  SONOS connectivity now standard

   W262mm x H80mm x D238mm (Height incl feet 88mm)
   110/120/220/230 volt   Energy efficient.  Typically >12-18w, except during Ripping 

Lead time: Up to 2 weeks (Normally in stock)

Please let us know if you have special requirements

Customer Reviews
9 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Superb kit... - John Cheadle - 02/24/2015
My thanks to Martin for all the help and support on this unit. I bought mine some time ago and it has performed faultlessly. Mine has an optical SP/DIF output. This is piped into my Vertex AQ Aletheia DAC.I use my ipad or iphone with iPeng to control things. Everything works as it should and the sound quality is just excellent, fatigue free, I can listen for hours just enjoying the music.Thanks Martin.

5 product stars
Box that works straight out of the box - Roger Jeffs, Norway - 11/08/2014
A lot of products claim to be user-friendly, but I think that this is the first device I have ever owned that actually is literally plug and play. I unpacked the VB, plugged it into the mains using the supplied lead, connected it to ethernet using the supplied lead. I then turned it on and inserted a few CDs (one at time). Within minutes (yes minutes) I was able to view and play several CD's on my Naim UnitiQute, with great sound quality, complete information and album art. It looks good, it stays cool and makes no sound. It comes with a choice of Logitech and Minim media servers, both of which are excellent and work perfectly with the Naim-app.Bliss enables me to edit titles and add tags like composer and orchestra without having to sit down at a computer. I can do it all right in my listening room using the same iPad that I use to control the Naim-app. The ripping mode is set up to organize the media library in a way that is suitable for both classical music and pop. Anyone who has tried to make their collection of orchestral and chamber music fit into the ubiquitous artist/album hierarchy will know the value of this approach. In addition, Martin was very helpful with objective advice as to which product that suited my needs. I got exactly what I needed at the right price.I keep thinking there must be catch, but this thing just works!

5 product stars
Re-discover your CDs - Simon Green - 10/03/2014
I wanted to re-rip my CD collection into flac, and on my Mac this seemed to be a headache so I was looking for something to I wanted to automate the process. This answered the question, but what was a massive bonus was its potential as a player, which I hadn't really considered until I spoke to Martin to try to decide which unit to buy. I have hooked the Lux up to my Arcam rDac and it sounds great. I think I prefer it to my Rega Planet 2000 CDP which has served me well for the last 14 years.Great product, looks good. Great support before and after purchase.

5 product stars
Great product, tremendous sound. - Peter Stephen - 09/05/2014
After a lot of head scratching over the options available on the market, I finally plumped for Vortexbox. The store helped to select the best model in an appreciably objective way. The box is a neat, unobtrusive unit which would sit nicely with any hi-fi set up, if that's important to you. The box and rear connections have a solid good quality feel, and it runs almost soundlessly. Eveb after it's been on for hours it is still cool to touch. Downloading is easy, prompt and smooth, so the prospect of digitising a large number of CDs is not daunting after all. The playback quality is tremendous, especially using the USB/asych connection from Vbox to amp, and I would defy anyone to claim otherwise. I had some issues with wireless connectivity, and would recommend connecting the Vbox directly to the router, but a pair network plugs does the trick, and anyway this is not the Vbox's fault. Martin was a great help getting me up and running. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting ease of use and great playback sound quality. If, like me, you're not a whizz at these things don't be put off, as the Vbox is simplicity itself and there is a lot of help available on this site and the user forum if you get frustrated. Martin deserves great credit for his patient and enthusiastic support.

5 product stars
Vortexbox Lux with S/PDIF output - Martin - 07/08/2014
The Vortexbox Lux with hybrid SSD/hard disk is a very smart looking product. It is very quick to index newly ripped CDs and offer them in the Squeezelite player. Martin tested the S/PDIF worked with a wide range of DACs before shipping the Vortexbox as I had not decided which serious HiFi DAC to buy; his effort was really appreciated.

5 product stars
Chord Hugo with Vortexbox LUX - Martin - 05/30/2014
This model works great with the Chord Hugo DAC and sounds suberb. Set up was easy, just plugged the DAC in via the supplied USB cable to the high definition input on the Chord, the DAC apeared under the configure player menu on the vortexbox, I pressed update and that what it.

5 product stars
An Excellent Device - Nick Scotchmer - 04/25/2014
The Vortexbox Lux worked really well right out of the box and is straightforward to use and control. The advice provided by Martin was excellent. I have paired the VB with a good quality DAC and together they produce a tremendous listening experience. I strongly recommend this product if you are looking to move to a server-based home audio system.

5 product stars
VortexBox 1Tb Lux - Chris W - 01/20/2014
I have used a WD NAS for a few years and it has been temperamental to say the least, so after much thought I replaced it with a VortexBox Lux. It has restored my faith in this technology.Out of the box it just works, and with the aid of only the instructions I got easy access to it through the Browser GUI and was able to set one or two things that I needed changing, everything else was done to my requirements from the factory, and bingo, off we went. Ripping CDs, moving files from other devices, the Naim SuperUniti just found everything and played it, and it sits on the equipment rack, looks good, works silently, and does it's thing.I cannot recommend these things highly enough, and the support from the Company is superb, and at 25% the cost of a UnitiServe, must be the bargain of the century.Thanks to all at VortexBox.

5 product stars
Stunning Product and Support - Jason Tisdall - 10/20/2013
I have been looking for a while for a good solution that met a number of needs:- music streaming- NAS- low energy for 24/7This product has it all. It arrived and just worked. On top of that the support is excellent with useful suggestions and interested help.I am delighted.

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