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VortexBox MiniCube

5 product stars
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VortexBox MiniCube Summary

Compact VortexBox MiniCube

With the same power and capacity as larger systems from other vendors the VB MiniCube is an efficient streaming system with ripping capability.

Logitech media server (Squeezebox), DLNA, UPnP, Sonos, Spotify, Deezer, etc
Even the 500GB entry level system will store around 1200+ CD in loss-less flac

Available up to 2TB (~4000+ CD).
Fan-less (Low-noise fan fitted on request (Fan offers lower internal temperatures))
Low cost, low noise, compact system. 
Special low dissipation dual-core CPU, Gigabit network (+100mb/s)
Energy consumption ~10-12w (1TB),  
Approx dimensions H75mm x W200mm x D200mm  (Height@ 80mm including feet)

Completely silent SSD versions available (~10w)

Box contents: VortexBox System, User Guide, external power adapter, power cable, 1M network cable

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5 product stars
Best piece of kit I have, and exemplary customer service! - Mark - 17/01/2016
I originally bought a Vortexbox minicube in June 2013 and ripped all of our CDs ( 800) to the internal (standard) hard drive, and have downloaded various albums since then. We have a few Sonos speakers (Play:1 and Play:3) and the investment in the Vortexbox and Sonos speakers is the best money I have ever spent. To be able to snatch a few minutes here and there listening to favourite tracks in-between bringing up two young children is priceless! In June 2015 the hard drive started playing up so, with Martin's (@Vortexbox) help I sent the unit back and upgraded to an SSD drive. The service I received was absolutely first class, and I continue to be delighted with the Vortexbox and would buy another without any hesitation.

5 product stars
Fantastic product and exemplary service - James - 12/11/2015
I've just bought the MiniCube with 1TB. Having only recently discovered VortexBox as a system I was very interested to see these products. Martin was incredibly helpful both before and after my purchase to make sure I had my system running perfectly. This company and its products are highly recommended and you will struggle to find better products or service anywhere else. That's a promise!

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