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VortexBox PICO

5 product stars
Units in Stock: 2
PICO storage size*
Processor option*
Choose PICO CD option*
Stand (for vertical use)*
Product Branding*
Pre-Enable special features*
Choose Network Cable*
Select power cable*
Additional Output - DAC, SPDIF, AES/EBU
Shipping insurance (optional)*
Warranty (Return to Base)*

VortexBox PICO Summary

Fully featured ultra-compact VortexBox system

320GB entry level system will store around 800-1000 CD in loss-less flac

CD/DVD version available up to 2TB (~5000 CD)
Choose CD tray drive, CD slot-drive or no CD drive.

  *  Low cost, low noise, compact system

  *  Energy efficient, fanless, dual core CPU, Gigabit network compatible.
  *  Approx dimensions W65mm x H220mm (inc stand)   Depth, 210mm

Dimensions (h x w x d): 65 x 220 x 210 mm (excl. stand)

Supplied with UK version VortexBox OEM SW

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5 product stars
Pico - Rich Jewels - 07/18/2012
I purchased a Pico in June 2012 and have been absolutely delighted with it.I contacted VB UK prior to purchase for advice and they really couldn't have been any more helpful or friendlier, at no point did i feel like i was being sold something and i ended up being recommended something that was cheaper than i enquired about - as VBUK felt it suited my needs better!The Pico was delivered ahead of schedule and has been an absolute joy to use. It has worked flawlessly and any VBUK have been on hand to offer help and advice whenever required.If you're looking for a sophisticated, easy to use solution for your squeezebox - then Vortexbox if really a no - brainer.

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