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VB Prestige

5 product stars
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VortexBox Prestige*
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VB Prestige Summary

Versatile match for high-end systems

 - Solid aluminium construction and elegant ppearance
 - Integral slot CD/DVD drive
 - High performance, low energy CPU, very quiet.

UK machined from solid aircraft grade aluminium - reassuringly heavy
Laser engraved, anodised finish - just 5cm high
Direct touch thermal cooling system, fanless operation

1TB, 2TB, 3TB or 4TB (for around 10,000+ CDs)
Server quality drives for continuous operation
Supplied with Licenced UK version VortexBox SW

Squeezebox, USB DAC, Sonos and DLNA/UPnP support (NAIM, Cyrus, LINN, Marrantz etc)
Imbedded Minim server option for Wav network streaming to DLNA player (Such as NAIM)

Box contents: VortexBox System, User Guide, external power unit/mains cable, 1M network cable, phono audio lead

Dimensions W330mm x D220mm x H50mm (55 mm inc feet), Gigabit network (with 100mb/s support), no fans, weight 5KG

100V - 240V AC, average power consumption below 20w

For packages including Chord Hugo or Qute DACs please contact us
Various SSD versions with no moving parts (except CD) also available 

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Customer Reviews
5 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Vortexbox Prestige - Vic Sowerbutts - 28/09/2015
Easy to set up and operate.Looks superb and sounds fantastic. Thanks Martin for all your help

5 product stars
Vb Prestige - PolVirlogeux - 14/08/2015
Excellent product , easy to set up , even for someone , just like me , quite reluctant to use computer audio . The quality of sound is really amazing , almost as good as my 8000 euro cd player !!! Please note that I added a Teddy Pardo power supply which is another valuable step forward . Thanks again Martin for your precious help !!!

4 product stars
prestige - tom - 08/06/2015
Great product. Beautifully made. Sounds good, easy to use. Tom

5 product stars
Service Follow Up - Roddy Elder - 01/01/2014
Not only is the Vortexbox a great product but the service from Vortexbox UK is amazing. New years eve, updating my system (in Hungary) remotely from the UK. Star performance.

5 product stars
Game Change - Roddy Elder - 28/10/2012
I use the prestige along with a Squeezebox with DAC/DAC power supply in a Naim Audio/Linn hifi system. This set up has completely changed my view of digital music. I was a late adopter of cd and didnt buy a really good cd player for many years as the cds never really hit the mark like vinyl. It is interesting now that in these days of vinyl renaissance I have found something that closes the gap between good analogue and digital considerably. FLAC files seem to have more detail than the cds (through the cd player) while demonstating fabulous timing and dance-abilily. This is no small deal. The cd player that I have is the original Naim CD5 with power supply which, taken together is more expensive than the 2 TB prestige plus SB plus DAC. The prestige finish and function are superb and it sits nicely into a good quality hifi system without looking like a piece of computer equipment. The help provided by Martin during set up of the system was fantastic. The only mistake I made was I bought only a 2TB model. I am also using it to rip and store movies (my tv can access the movies from the VB wirelessly). I should have got the 4 TB version and I would recommend anybody to go big. Returning to the main deal (music). I am listening to music that I haven't heard for ages, it sounds great, it is convenient to use, and the finish is of the highest order. Love it and fully recommend it. Roddy Elder

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VB Prestige
VB Prestige