Vortexbox Software Features

VortexBox software is developed and maintained by
Vortexboxhas many features with frequent updates and enhancements:

  • Automatically rips and stores CDs from in-built CD/DVD drive
  • Automatically names and tags music from on-line music databases.
  • Automatically downloads album art.
  • Automatic sharing of music, video, photos etc to PC, MAC and Linix computers
  • Squeezebox LMS Server pre-loaded for use with Logitech SqueezeBox players.
  • Automatic re-indexing of Library after every CD is ripped.
  • Support BBC iPlayer (Radio). Play live BBC or last 7 days programmes. (UK)
  • Serve video and audio files to XBMC running on XBOX, Windows, OSX, AppleTV, or Linux.
  • UPnP/DLNA - stream to Naim Uniti, Cyrus, Linn, B&O Encore, Marrantz etc + Smart TV!
  • Simple connection to SONOS
  • Bitperfect CD ripper, player and server
  • Support USB connected DACs at upto 192Khz/24 bit (inc DSD on supported devices)
  • Internet radio inc Spotify, Napster, Deezer and Qobuz flac streaming (on supported devices)
Squeezebox users normally only need to connect their vortexbox appliance to their network router and the Squeezebox will automatically detect the vortexbox music library

If you do not wish to use a network player you can connect powered speakers or an amplifier to the in-built audio output green mini-jack on the appliance or use a USB DAC  driven by vortexbox player which can be controlled from a browser a multitude of free/low cost Apps on Apple/Android tablets/phones  (iPeng, Orange Squueze, Squeezebox, Squeezedroid, Squeezer, Squeeze Commander etc)

There are many complimentary applications on vortexbox are waiting to be enabled:
bliss cover/tag management, Subsonic music streaming/sharing, PLEX media Server, Transmission Bit Torrent etc . . . . Just tick the box in the web interface

Vortexbox has many features which depend on 3rd party software either within vortexbox within networks or browsers or in music or media players.  Consequently it is impossible to guarantee that all features will work in all situations or that everything will work with future updates.  There are frequent updates and enhancements for vortexbox but if the system is working well you may wish stick with the version installed on your appliance when it is delivered

Music Backups

The simplest way to back-up your digital music files is to attach a USB hard drive to vortexbox. From the web interface vortexbox will back your music onto the drive. This is smart enough to add only new items since your last back-up

Connect again when you have more music and vortexbox will add the new files including any that have been added from external sources.  'Restore' function will automatically rebuild all missing music and data from USB.  Keep this drive in a drawer so that you still have all your music if your Vortexbox is lost or damaged

The USB drive is formatted by vortexbox for USB backup.  Existing data on the drive will be lost

SW Updates

The Update button on the VortexBox Web Interface will update the SW to current levels within each major SW release. VortexBox incorporates many 3rd party software items and it is impossible to fully test every function and interaction.  SW updates make changes to your system and may change the way that it operates so it is sensible to backup your system before a software upgrade

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Qobuz flac radio streaming

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