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Antipodes Audio EX - instock

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System Finish (Anodised Aluminium)*
P1 Isolation Platform/Ripping Solution*
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Antipodes Audio EX - instock Summary

New 2018 Model Antipodes EX is an evolution of the Antipodes EDGE, but made to the enhanced specification of the flagship DX. The EX uses the same V4X circuit for signal handling that is used in the DX but the EX uses a single internal ODAPS2 power supply whilst the DX uses internal dual ODAPS1 power supplies, offering  greater separation of the server app and renderer app.

HFA Antipodes EX Review June 2018

The EX uses the half-width form factor and offers user-installable storage

The EX has four internal chambers, separating wiring and switches, the power supply, storage disks and signal handling. The EX is the first Antipodes music server to use our newly developed ODAPS2 power supply technology, which reduces high frequency noise without resorting to filtering that impedes the speed of current delivery needed in a music server. The EX is a superb renderer, and its full potential is delivered when it is performing just the renderer function and receiving an excellent input signal. Used on its own the EX is a stunning value entry model to the Antipodes X-Series. Upgrading it with a CX to the CX+EX solution, where the CX performs the server function lifts performance to 'state of the art'

Owners of an EX can use any USB ripper to auto-rip their CDs, or add the new P1 platform, with its integrated high precision ripper. The EX can be ordered with 8TB of HDD internal storage, or users can self-install up to 4TB of HDD or up to 8TB of SSD storage for their music files. Use of SSDs dramatically improves sound quality.

The EX incorporates a high quality stereo analog output. Customers moving from a CD Player can start with the EX playing direct to their amplifier, then add a high quality USB DAC later. This is an inexpensive way to reveal the benefits of getting the digital part right. It provides up to 24 bit, 192kHz.

You can further improve performance by adding a Antipodes CX later, to become the CX+EX solution. This acheives higher sound quality by seperating the Server and Render functions onto different devices.

In autumn 2018 the P2 will offer additional features to either a CX or EX. The P1 and P2 platforms are each machined from a thick block of alloy to provide vibration isolation when placed under an EX or CX. 
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