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Antipodes DS Core

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Antipodes DS Core Summary

Designed to run demanding Music Server apps and manage large music libraries with ease, but to play through separate renderers. Currently the only Server app that needs/benefits from this level of power is Roon Server. Sound quality is enhanced by using a digital-audio-optimised DS CORE instead of a standard computer.

The quality of a separate Server and of the network connecting it to your renderers matters a great deal. The design goal of the DS CORE is to eliminate electronic noise entering your renderer and polluting the rest of your audio system, but you will also need to ensure your network design and implementation is of good quality. This is why the goal with the DS CORE is to be silent, both acoustically and electronically, so that you can place it with your renderer in your main system, enabling short high quality Ethernet cabling.

Power. The DS CORE uses a full desktop Quad Core i5 CPU. We do not use the low-powered, cut-down (often only two cores) i-series CPUs commonly used in laptops, notebooks and NUCs. Software, database and cache are on lightning fast M.2 solid state plugged direct to the DS CORE main board.  Supplied with ODAPS linear power supply (230v)

Flexibility. Add your own 2.5" 7mm SATA disks - no tools needed - just slide them in and we do the rest online to optimise the setup. Or add external storage yourself (USB, NAS, Desktop, etc).

Quality. The DS CORE is designed and manufactured to industrial, commercial and medical grade standards, suitable for all-day, every-day critical use for many years and does not use consumer grade or cut-down laptop, notebook or NUC components.

Silence. If you fit SSDs there are no moving parts and the DS CORE is completely silent. Even if you fit spinning drives or external storage, electronic noise has been minimised using Antipodes expertise in parts selection, digital circuit design, firmware tuning and power supply design. DS CORE is powered by the digital audio optimised ODAPS linear power supply. Most other systems using switching power supplies. These can generate electronic noise pollution in your AC power and in your audio system, but the effects are unpredictable and can even cause instability when more than one switching power supply is run in a system.

If you currently own an Antipodes Integrated and find you want more power for Roon Server features, you can use your existing Integrated as a renderer, and get a DS CORE to take over the Server function. Send them to one of our service centers and we will transfer the disks in your (recent model) Integrated to the DS CORE for you.

If you have a DS EDGE (Integrated Server-Renderer) you can easily transfer the disks yourself in just a few seconds. The DS CORE is designed and tuned for use with current model Samsung 2.5" SATA SSDs, which are currently available in a range of sizes up to 4TB per disk. However we support the installation of other SSDs and spinning Hard Drives that conform to the 2.5", 7mm form factor and SATA interface in the DS CORE.

More information:

Manufactured by Antipodes Audio, New Zealand.  Distributed and supported by Audiostore Ltd (UK)
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