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Audiostore Lux Roon Edition

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Vortexbox Lux*
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Audiostore Lux Roon Edition Summary

New Specification 2018

Roon is a great tool for managing large, complex music libraries. Tight integration with Tidal means that whatever size your collection, it now effectively also includes the millions in the Tidal library.

Roonserver software is standard on all Vortexbox Nova systems.  As Roon is more processor intensive than the other applications that we run we specify our Roon Servers to include a special more powerful, energy efficient CPU.  

Nova software. Run all standard Nova Applications + Roon Server + play to local USB DAC or network player around the house such as microRendu or SonicOrbiter SE.  Nova uses a customised version of SonicOrbiter software.

Use of Roon requires Roon Membership (chargeable) and Roon playback App 

Based on Audiostore Lux system. Aluminium front and sides, very low noise, 'heat-pipe' fan-less operation

Just add a DAC and amplifier for a versatile all-in-one streaming solution as the Lux can run all of the other Nova Server environments. Squeezebox, Roon*, UPnP/DLNA, SONOS etc compatible. Supports flac, alac, MP3 etc
* Can act as Roon Server and/or Roon ready (endpoint/player)  Roon App (chargeable) required.

VB Lux Roon 500GB - store 1000+ CDs in flac format 
VB Lux Roon 1TB - store 2000+ CDs in flac format 
VB Lux Roon 2TB - store ~5000 CDs in flac format
VB Lux Roon 4TB - store ~10000 CDs in flac format

VB Lux Roon basic - play from external USB drive or NAS. This is effectively a 'disk less server'

Server - versions with 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB.  These versions also have faster drives. An external USB CD drive can be connected for ripping or copy/paste existing music.  (Plain front - no CD slot) Mount external USB drive or NAS
 - Heat-pipe cooling system (almost silent, no fans)
 - On-board tag and cover-art management (Bliss
 - Multifunctional, compatible with almost all music formats (inc HiRes)
 - Optimised for Roon, operating system in SSD, faster CPU
 - Also run all other Vortexbox Nova/SonicOrbiter applications
 - 4TB and above have additional system RAM (8GB)

Performance - Standard/Plus similar to Audiostore Prestige 2

Typical power consumption, 15w-20w average (~35w peak)

This system has CPU of 2-5 performance of our other products. The standard base model has tested with Roon 1.3 software with CD up-sampling to DSD256. (See below) It is not a 'Roon certified' product. (Roon only certify a particular model and we wish to offer a range)

DSP Signal Processing speed (with equaliser, headroom adjustment and volume leveling)
44.1Khz to DSD128 (x2.4) (DSD64 (x3.4), PCM 384Khz (x23))

USB ports for back-up and external DAC, inc Asynchronous DACs up to 192k/24bit, 384K or DSD64/DSD128
All Vortexbox features including UPnP/DLNA for Cyrus, B&O, Naim, Linn, Marrantz, Cambridge etc
On board Minim DLNA Server option for network wav streaming to NAIM  (converts flac to wav on-the-fly) user installable/configurable, please ask for user guide for using Minim on Vortexbox with NAIM systems)
SONOS connectivity standard 

Width 262mm, Depth 238mm, Height 80mm (88mm inc feet)
Power 110/120/220/230 volt   Energy efficient.  Typically ~20w 
Lead time normally 5-8 days

Please let us know if you have special requirements. Please also see Audiostore Server for additional options.

Please ensure that CD ripping is legal in your country

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