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Audiostore MicroServer 2

5 product stars
£340.00 inc. tax

£283.33 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

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Front Bezel Colour*
Microserver Processor (CPU) Option*
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Output Options - DAC, SPDIF
External CD/DVD RIP drive*
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Audiostore MicroServer 2 Summary

Ultra-compact, Low-noise Streamer/Server

Budget system. Suitable for horizontal or vertical operation. Compatable with most USB DACs including M-DAC

All you need if you already have most of your music in digital format or prefer to RIP on an external system.

Most USB external CD or our USB CD/DVD drives can be connected for automated Vortexbox Ripping and removed when not required.

Stream to Wireless receivers, connect to USB DAC or use inbuilt analogue output directly into amplifier or powered speakers

Dual-core CPU, 500GB hard drive (or as specified)

H195mm x W62mm x D215mm.

Rear connections: Ethernet (Gigabit compatible), 2 x USB, Vortexbox player analogue output,

Power 12v power (adaptor supplied).  110v/120v/220v/230V
Operating power ~15w (depends on model).
Power indicator - Blue 

This unit is convection cooled so should be used in a ventilated area.

Box contents: Microserver Nova System, User Guide, external power adaptor, power cable, 1M network cable

Customer Reviews
6 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Martin Patient Suppirt - Phil Pearce - 15/06/2018
Hi all Had to comment on the support Martin has provided over the last 2 weeks. Firstly his patience (I m a bit of a technophobe!) has been incredible. At no point was I made to feel stupid and Martin s priority all the way through the journey was making sure I was happy and making the most of my vortexbox. Secondly he went to great lengths to ensure I didn t fork out for unnecessary items, but looking for a solution that worked with my current equipment. Thank you again Martin. P.s. can t recommend Audiostore highly enough. Phil.

5 product stars
Logitech Media Server lives on... - Dave Green - 26/08/2017
After very helpful advise from Martin, which included 2 telephone conversations, one 50 mins and the other 40 mins, I purchased a Vortexbox Microserver 2. This replaced the Squeezebox Touch and QNAP NAS in my main music system which I was finding difficult to maintain and I was keen to continue using Logitech Media Server (LMS) as I also wanted to keep the Squeezebox Touch I use in another room. Since my music is already digitalised I didn't need a CD drive. Setting-up was straight forward and copying the music files from my PC to the server was easy, if time consuming. These files are now backed-up using a USB portable drive attached to the Vortexbox. The system has now been up and running for just over a week and I have to say I'm extremely pleased. Sound quality has definitely improved compared to the Squeezebox Touch, particularly noticeable in the bass and reproduction of piano and vocals. I've received favourable comments from my wife which is always a good sign. FYI the rest of the system is Naim DAC-V1, NAP200 PA and PMC GB1i speakers. Martin recommended I include the Nova Edition/4GB RAM + Bliss Cover and Tag Management software package. This has proved to being very beneficial and has greatly assisted managing my music files. For anyone looking for an easy to use, and cost effective, music server solution, I can thoroughly recommend the Vortexbox Microserver 2.

5 product stars
VB Microserver 2 - Taking the Digital Plunge - Peter Dean - 07/01/2016
Having prevaricated for months over the move to lossless digital, I finally took the plunge after transferring all my CDs to the FLAC format. Having done so, and preferring to rip the CDs myself, I didn't need a CD ripper and the MicroServer seemed ideal. I've had the product for a couple of months and so far it's worked flawlessly. After speaking to Martin, I decided to go for this and the IFI Nano DAC to feed into my existing amplifier rather than go for an expensive alternative like the Naim Uniti solutions. The combination sounds fantastic and Martin's advice saved me a shed load of money. Of course, the whole thing sounds so good I am already thinking about upgrading the DAC and my amplifier! But the Vortexbox / DAC combination is a great way into a network capable digital setup and to me is excellent value for money. Super support from Martin as well.

5 product stars
Upgrade From VB Classic to VB MicroServer - Ainsley Hayes - 25/09/2014
I had previously purchased a VB Classic which I found to be excellent. My original setup consisted of the VB Classic paired to a Logitech Squeezebox Touch, and a Music Fidelity M1DAC. After much use I encountered some issues when I tried to update the VB software, so returned it to Vortexbox UK for their attention. Martin got my VB Classic working promptly, however I had subsequently decided to look at the possible options. Martin was very patient and helpful. He listened to my requirements and nothing seemed too much trouble. This was particularly important to me as I have since moved to the other side of the world. The VB MicroServer option was suggested to me, particularly as I have ripped my music already. I must admit that I had not even considered the VB MicroServer but it did seem to tick all my boxes. Martin tailored the VB to my requirements. He also advised to remove the Squeezebox Touch from the equation, and use an iPod Touch/iPhone for the control. The VB MicroServer arrived carefully packaged, and all has been fantastic. I had a few CDs that required ripping, but this is simply done via a USB CD player. The MicroServer is silent, takes up very little space; and sounds even better than my VB Classic did. I would highly recommend the VB MicroServer to anyone, and even more so the A1 customer service that Martin provides. Many thanks!

5 product stars
VB Microserver - Bill Scriven - 08/12/2013
I have now had this little beauty for about a month. I used to have a vortexbox appliance connected to a squeezebox and loved it. Unfortunately I kept the vortex box in a very dusty location and it over heated. I contacted Martin and it was great to be able to talk to an honest enthusiast. He must have spent over half an hour listening to my requirements and advised me to sell the Squeezebox and go for the Microserver with a DAC. He gave me fantastic advice, copied my music from the appliance onto the VB Microserver and set it all up for me. It worked straight out of the box and sound even better than my previous system. Martin provides the kind of service that we are all looking for. Thank You very much!

5 product stars
VB Microserver - Mike - 11/01/2013
I was very impressed with this server, worked straight out of the box and has improved my Duets perfectly. The system just runs. Wished I had found this years ago.I bought the USB DVD drive to rip and all works smoothly. Martin is very helpful...Excellent