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Audiostore Mini Appliance, media streamer

5 product stars
£390.00 inc. tax

£325.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

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Audiostore Mini Appliance, media streamer Summary

Versatile, Compact, energy efficient streaming budget server system with in-built ripper.  2018 version. Incorporates Standard Nova features

Compact quiet and energy efficient. The entry-level fanless Audiostore Mini offers improved performance over the original VortexBox Appliance (recommended by HiFi Choice)

Low power consumption, very low-noise on units below 2TB
(Suitable for use in bedroom - please advise intended use) 

 - Gigabit Ethernet compatible for fast network response
 - Connect USB DACs and network players to 384K/24bit  
 - Power consumption 12-20w (varies with specification)
 - Size: W226 x H62 x D314mm (Same width as many mini-hifi systems)
 - Horizontal or vertical use.  (No stand)  

Use directly connected to powered speakers or a HiFi system. Stream music to wireless players from Sonos, Logitech (Squeezebox), Linn etc.  Most external USB DACs, including asynchronous and DSD (to DSD256) are supported

Built-in CD drive allows automated ripping of music and album art-work. (Note that 'tray' CD drive' requires two hands to operate) 

Budget Roon option
adds SSD for system/index + Quad core CPU. This spec is below Roons recommended option but is adequate with modest libraries and limited DSP functions (It will upscale to DSD 64). It is a similar specification to some commercially available 'Roon Servers'

Accessories provided: External power unit, 1M network cable   

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Customer Reviews
6 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Essential just buy one ! - Martin Jackson - 05/04/2016
I bought one to replace a Nas drive/ Twonky media nightmare ( don't ask ). I use it connected by optical cable to A Naim Unitiqute. it works better than the Naim Ever did, no delays and better sound quality, plus it leaves my network free for other things . The only thing you need to know is that it improves the sound quality of ripped cd's, immensely , i also bought a Net dac. which is also superb. Martin was very helpful,with all enquiries.... Honestly Just buy one.

5 product stars
Excellent Service - Stephen - 10/08/2015
I have now had this machine for some months and must say that the whole experience has been excellent. Martins hand holding in the early days was superb and made the set up process very simple. Since then the machine has performed very well and with the squeezebox software on a nexus tablet has been a seamless process. Excellent value for money, excellent service, simple to use.

5 product stars
all in one solution - Roberto Amling - 28/08/2014
I ordered a Vortexbox mini 1TB after talking to Martin on the phone. I needed a one box solution for all my digital music files including DSD files. I choose the mini because the form factor matches my Cyrus amp and beeing a fanless design suited my needs in that regard. after recieving the Vortexbox, setup was breeze, I am familiar with the Squeezebox Server and i have controll aps on my iPad. the box was easily recognized in my network and I transfered my music library. My dac that plays DSD files and DXD and even if 99% of my files are PCM flac files, compatibilty was important. I was amazed that even DSD 128 played fine. then i started trying to fiddle with the settings in the GUI and kind of messed up the network settings, but Martin was cool as a cucumber pointing me in the right direction and even me having no knowledge of Linux commands, the issue was fixed in minutes. So i have a product that does exactly what i need, its dead silent, plays all my files and the guy who sold it knows his stuff and is very helpfull. Thanks!

5 product stars
Great product,great service,great price - Steve - 08/07/2014
I've been using a DIY version of the Vortexbox for some time and only recently decided to vortexbox Mini 2014 version. The unit arrived quickly and was well packaged. Some are wary of buying into linux based media servers as they presume it will be complex to set up and maintain. This is not the case with the Vortexbox. It took me 5 mins to set up and I was then listening to IPlayer,Spotify and even Qobuz using the IPeng remote from the Apple App Store. I use the unit into th Dragonfly dac. The Vortexbox found the dac immediately and there was not requirement to add software. If there had been, then the Vortexbox User forum is very responsive to any issues the user may have. The Vortexbox Mini is an excellent device that makes me smile every time I use it. It is superb value for money and continues to get even better with each update.I would recommend it wholeheartedly to those who look this way. Steve

5 product stars
Value for money - Will McGregor - 14/09/2012
Having settled on Vortexbox a while ago - my hardest decision was which model. To be fair other then asthetics I could not really see what the premium products give over the standard ones and this device was perfect. Stand it vertically on a bookshelf and just pop in CD as you buy them - very easy. Admittedly i had a couple of network issues initially - and took a few reboots and cable swaps to get it on the network - but after that it has been fine. Downloading the free FING app for iphone/ipod or android was very useful in resolving this - but these issues are as likely to be your own network topology as opposed to a Vortexbox issue. I am using Sonos and this works fine. I cannot more highly recommend the support I received - phone calls to help out late on Friday night when i was expecting to wait until Monday. I guess the end of the day though - as good as the product is - the market is still limited - you need some Knowledge. I could in all truth not recommend it to my parents for example - would be too techy for them - they should buy a Brennan. I know this would be too much for some people. But for flexability, future options and value for money it's hard to beat this.

5 product stars
Love it. - Danny Dawes - 04/02/2011
Yes, I have a Mini 1TB with CD slot, and its excellent. I have finally loaded my 600 CDs, edited the odd wrong tag, added the odd missing cover, and, wow. I now have all my music on one device, which sits in my lounge, out of the way, running 24 x 7. No noise, no heat. Nice. I also use the VBA as a NAS to backup my family's laptops (Mac, Win7, WinXP), plus ITunes reads the VBA as a shared device - another cool feature. Pretty much works out of the box, and when I needed help Martin from VBUK was extremely helpful. It's really brought my SB Touch to life - and yes, I love the Touch as well!