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Audiostore Mite

5 product stars
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Audiostore Mite Summary

Compact unit, solid performance 

Multifunction, server, data-converter or/and network player (endpoint)

Software: Nova (SonicOrbiter) with Squeezebox, DLNA 
(If you wish to run Roon please choose Hub version (external drive) or one of our other systems with operating system on SSD. (Roon Server is best run on a more powerful system such as Audiostore Prestige 2))

Connections: Gigabit Network, 2 x USB (DAC and back-up), power input  (12v, 2.5 amp adaptor included)

HUB - 
Nova operating system on SSD for use with external USB drive or NAS. Use as end-point or server

Standard - Nova System on 500GB spinning drive (Not for Roon Applications)
Vortexbox Version - 500GB spinning drive/Vortexbox Classic Software 

Fanless CPU 2.4 Mhz max, 2GB or 4GB RAM

All Nova systems offer Logitech Media Server, Roon, (server and/or Endpoint), HQPlayer NAA Output, DLNA Output, Minimserver, Bubble, Plex, SONOS , Shairport (Airplay input) etc

Lossless playback of stored music, streaming and Internet radio integration.

All systems with built in hard-drive will also rip CDs to flac if compatible USB drive is connected (Most drives work) - iFI iPower adapter available as alternative to supplied adapter.
Note that optional iFi 12v, 1.8amp adaptor may NOT be suitable if external USB CD drive is connected.

Output music to network players (DLNA), locally connected async USB DAC or Logitech compatible devices.

For large music libraries please consider one of our faster systems. (Particularly if you intend to run Roon server)

*Mite HUB version with USB/SPDIF - adds SPDIF output at higher quality than Sonicorbiter SE (SOSE) optical or coax for use with devices such as Devialet, NAIM etc. Typical use as Roon endpoint. Much more powerful. Can also run server functions (for small libraries) (See also our BNC option for NAIM use)

This XMOS based Small Green Computer USB to SPDIF converter can directly connect your Mite (or microRendu) to your SPDIF DAC. This unit supports up to 24Bit/192K sampling rate for hires music. XMOS based for highest quality. Independent high precision oscillators for 44.1K and 48K base frequencies.

Outputs: SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical
Sampling rate: 16Bit or 24bit at 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K
Converter Power: self powered from Mite  (no additional power brick required)
Size: L88mm x H33mm x W69mm 

Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Brilliant and Amazing - John Watkins - 24/03/2017
I wanted to store nearly 700 CDs, that have sat in my garage for the last two years, since moving house. I contacted Vortexbox for advice and Martin gave me a number of options, which was very helpful. My decision to go with the mite was based on this advice and the previous review. I went with the 60GB SSD/500GB HD. Again with Martins help I got started. NOVA is great, its easy to use and the results are more than enough for my needs. I'm using my Squeezebox Touch to play back and its great to see an album cover for all the Titles. I am yet to use Bliss but based on my experience so far, Im sure it will be good too.

5 product stars
The mighty Mite. - Nigel Little - 15/01/2017
I have just replaced a five and a half year old VB appliance with a Mite with 60gb SSD and a 500GB hard drive. Martin as always has been brilliant. His patience in going through the options makes it such a pleasure to do business and as a returning customer I can wholeheartedly recommend. The Mite is faster, quieter and sounds even better that the VB appliance that has served me so well. Its performance simply belies its size. As most of my albums have already been ripped this made sense. To be fair I have ripped some albums with an external drive and it was so straightforward I don't know why I had any reservations. I run two Naim Streamers from it a Superuniti and a Qute using the N-stream app via an I-pad.Both seam to run effortlessly. The Nova software is a dream to use,finds the artwork and just gets on with it. If you want an amazingly compact music server that you can use with a network streamer or straight into a DAC check this out. You will not be disappointed.For its money prepare to be amazed.