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Audiostore Prestige 2 v3

5 product stars
£1,275.00 inc. tax

£1,062.50 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Units in Stock: 29
Colour/CD Drive (Case 15mm taller)*
Prestige System Storage*
Performance (see description)*
Network Bridging (For NAA use)*
Optional Power Supply*
Shipping insurance (optional)*
Warranty (Return to Base)*

Audiostore Prestige 2 v3 Summary

Ultra flexible, streamer, server, player 2019 version. 
  • Sonicorbiter V2.7 based, Nova software offers many advanced features
  • Up to 8TB of internal storage and/or USB storage/NAS storage. Prestige offers the most flexible store/stream/play system available
  • All models have the operating system on SSD. Spinning HD models with SSD cache.
  • Low resonance, all aluminium chassis. Heatpipe cooling.  Completely silent, (HD models, low noise, silent when not playing)
  • Support flac, wav, alac, aiff, mp3 etc including DSD 256 and streaming services
  • Interactive visual tag, genre and cover-art editing (Automatic or manual operation)
  • Playback to ALL NAIM/Linn network streamers in Roon (even old ones)
Switch between: LMS, Roon Server, Roon Ready, MPD, DLNA, SONOS, HQ Player, Minimserver, PLEX, Bubble, Airplay Input. Or run multi-servers  on same music on different devices.

Play to USB, network or NAA (microRendu etc) from internal drive, NAS or external USB drive.

Hard drive version copys CDs to SSD during playback. Next time track is played it will usually play from SSD (50+ CD cache) (Main drive on standby most of the time. Non-cached option, on request)

Size: D240mm x W220mm, H60mm (CD version 75mm high) (+ 8 mm, feet)

 - Power: ECO version, 8-12w. Other models, 10-20w, 45w peak
 - Hard drive SSD or laptop drive to 4TB. Above 4TB, standard hard drive.
 - Network: 100Mb/s, 1000Mb/s (Gigabit) 
 - Ports: USB2 (and USB3 for back-ups)
 - Size: D240mm x W220mm, H60mm (CD version 75mm high) (+ 8 mm, feet). Weight ~3KG.

Bridged Ethernet version has 2nd network port allowing NAA device such as microRendu to be attached directly (select Bridge Ethernet option)(As Roon do not fully endorse bridging you may need to use a normal network connection with Roon)

is not Roon certified as Roon certify a single model but we offer many variants. Many other Roon certified products are based on Sonicorbiter SW. (SGC SonicTransporter and Antipodes Servers are certified) You need to puchase a Roon licence for Roon playback

Tested roon DSP up-scaling performance (Standard model, others faster) 
 44.1Khz to DSD256 (x3.1), (DSD128 (x5.4), (DSD64 (x10.4)
 44.1Khz to 192Khz (x17.9), 384Khz (x10.7), 768Khz (x5.7))

Systems CPU comparison (see below)

We use high performance, low-energy versions full-spec CPUs, not laptop type devices such as i7 4500u. (Standard is dual-core, 2 thread. PLUS is enhanced dual-core, 2-thread. MX is dual-core, 4-thread. XL quad-core,   ECO is n3150, quad-core, others available)

Eco version (similar to Microserver quad-core) not suitable for Roon DSP up sampling to DSD but will handle PCM up-sampling 44.1K to 192K (and DSD64) (enable parallelisation)
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Customer Reviews
5 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Great Product - Amazing Service - Jin Choi - 20/11/2018
I am testing and exploring (digital) audio devices since quite a while. My digital frontend currently is flawlessly run by Roon on an Audiostore Prestige 2 Server with SOtM sMS-500 and sMS-200 Ultra. The Prestige is equipped with SSD and XL Chip. Just amazing and flawless performance. Even better than that: Martin's service and reaction time are unparalleled. 100% recommended for enthusiastic audiophiles looking for SQ AND Service.

5 product stars
Everything I had hoped for - Pete Johnson - 26/02/2018
I'm new to music storage systems so I set about undertaking research before spending any pennies. Eventually I thought I knew what system was best for me. But all this changed after a conversation with Martin in Audiostore who pointed me in a different direction, the right one. I've been using my vortexbox for over a month now and it's great, everything I had hoped for (linked to 2Qute, Naim pre/power and KEF 105-3 speakers). Not only is Martin an expert in this specialised field he is also generous with his time and very helpful.

5 product stars
As good or better than the high-end brands - Mike - 09/02/2018
I am really flabbergasted about the sound quality! I heard quite a lot of so called high end streamer/servers but this little machine is just as good or even better. I use a HDplex linear PSU which improves the sound quality to an even higher level than the standard PSU, and I expect the system will sound even better after some time burning in. Thanx for a great system at a reasonable price. Regards, Mike

5 product stars
Great reliable, silent but powerful music server for Roon and upsampling - Alan - 13/08/2017
I've had the pleasure of dealing with Martin at Vortexbox UK a few times now and highly recommend both Martin and his products. He's really knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and help you get exactly what you need. In my case what I needed was a silent, rack friendly server to run as my Roon Core and support upsampling. This through Martin led me to the Audiostore Prestige 2 which is a terrific music server. It was an absolute breeze to set up and pair with my Sonore MicroRendu as Roon NAA/end-point. The sound quality is great and it's been completely reliable just sitting there silently, looking great and available whenever called upon to provide music - which is very often in my household! In my case I'm upsampling to DSD128 for my PS Audio Directstream DAC and it's never sounded better. Highly recommended! Great high performance server and real value for money at this price point.

5 product stars
Audiostore server with ripping - Magnus Karlsson - 23/02/2017
A very fine and good sounding server. A good or even better Roon server than sonic transporter. I use it with a microRendu end. The ripped cds I've ripped so far sounds especially good in uncompressed flac. Easy job and bliss finds my covers. I got the version with more power good for upsampling to DSD in Roon, remains to be tested though. Thanks Martin for good support. Regards Magnus