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2nd user, B Grade and sample products

Limited run, sample and B-Grade products.  Please see description.
All include 12 months RTB warranty unless otherwise stated.
Buy any of these and will will credit 75% of the price against another product if you trade-up within 12 months

We often have other non-listed Vortexbox products - contact us with your requirements
3 product(s) found for "Outlet + BARGAIN AREA"
Audiostore Nano
Audiostore Nano
New specification for 2018 Very compact high-performance system yet Nano incorporates CD ripper drive (Tray type) and hard drive up to 3TB ( 7,500+ CDs) Height 216mm, width 52mm, depth 310mm (Needs approx 20mm more space at rear for network cable and power jack) Quiet, fanless operation, Nova software...
VortexBox Appliance - Refurb 2nd User
VortexBox Appliance - Refurb 2nd User
2nd User VortexBox Music Appliance This was the original Vortexbox Appliance that was sold from the USA and UK Dual-core Appliance Refurbished Trade-in from customer upgrades. These are stripped down and properly re-furbished including: New or 2nd user hard-drive option New system lithium battery New...
Audiostore PICO
Audiostore PICO
Compact mid-performance system Entry level 500GB system will store around 1000+ CD in loss-less flac Improvements 2018 CD/DVD version available up to 2TB ( 5000 CD) Choose CD tray drive, CD slot-drive or no CD drive. Low cost, low noise, compact system. Energy efficient, fanless, dual core CPU, Gigabit...