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Sonore Signature Rendu SE V2.7 In-stock

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Sonore Signature Rendu SE V2.7 In-stock Summary

ultraRendu and Signature Power Supply in custom enclosure

The Signature Rendu SE is Sonore's finest streaming USB source. It is the natural evolution of the revolutionary microRendu ( Product of the Year 2016) and Sonore's acclaimed Signature Power Supply (This is much improved from the original Signature Rendu)

The Signature Rendu SE takes an Ethernet audio stream and renders it to a perfect, ultra-low noise USB feed to your USB DAC.

The Signature Rendu SE builds on the microRendu concept by attention to every detail.  It takes advantage of a single chassis design which offers close coupling of power supply and processing boards for both ultra-low impedance and ultra-low noise power delivery.

A larger footprint processing board allows an increase in low noise voltage regulation stages (all main board regulators are now ultra-low noise linear types), reducing noise and crosstalk by better physical separation of the Ethernet processing and USB output sections, System processing and USB audio output is improved by incorporating an ultra-low phase noise “femto” oscillator into the system.

The Synergistic fuse option offers even better presentation and tightens the bass response

Further Information

  • The internal power supply is a no compromise design featuring a custom wound, EI style transformer from Mercury Magnetics (USA). The transformer effectively blocks AC line noise, providing a solid foundation of clean power.
  • Ultra-soft recovery diodes and film capacitor damping assure a DC supply free of ringing artifacts, and massive power supply capacitance (50% more than used in the Sonore Signature Supply) ensures low impedance/low ripple power delivery to the discrete linear pre-regulator.
  • A stainless-steel chassis divider protects the processing circuitry from both AC wiring and transformer stray RF and EM interference.
  • The Signature Rendu SE is housed in a beautiful audiophile custom chassis, (made in the USA) which is right at home alongside the finest audio components in the world.
  • Upgraded custom footers with larger Sorbothane pads virtually absorbs all external micro mechanical interactions from migrating into the highly critical processor and re-clocker boards
  • Dimensions (mm): W324 x H76 x D260  Weight: 4.5KG
  • Power input: 230VAC  Power consumption: 20w, IEC C13 (Kettle Lead) Power Cable required)
  • Includes warranty card and manual
Output Option - ultraDigital
USB to SPDIF and LVDS i2s converter (external)
The Sonore ultraDigital project is a USB digital converter with SPDIF output via BNC and a LVDS i2s output via HDMI. The LVDS i2s output supports various formats for compatibility with various digital to analog converters. For use with microRendu, ultraRendu, and Signature Rendu SE only.
Please note that Sonore will not provide support for direct connection to OS X or Windows

  • SPDIF output via BNC: PCM 44.1K-192K, DSD64 via DOP
  • LVDS i2s output via HDMI: PCM 44.1K-384K, native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
  • USB input support PCM, DSD via DoP, and native DSD via Linux
  • No divers needed for Linux and OS X
  • Power input: 6-9 VDC (User supplied)
  • Selectable LVDS i2s output formats via HDMI: Gustard, PS Audio, Holo Audio, L.K.S., Wyred4Sound
  • Selectable master clock output rate (for DIY use only)
This product sold/supported by Audiostore Ltd (UK)  Price includes EU import charges, VAT etc. 12 months return-to-base warranty. (Warranty excludes damage to USB sockets)

You should not use Cat 7 ethernet cables on the unit as often they have a grounded shield with a metal plug body which would defeat the units inherent galvanic isolation.
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