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Sonore microRendu V2.7 SW

5 product stars
£610.00 inc. tax

£508.33 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Units in Stock: 1
Power Supply for microRendu*
Sonore USB Adaptor (Basic hard adaptor is included
USB Bus Isolator for self-powered DACs only)
Add output device*
Shipping insurance*

Sonore microRendu V2.7 SW Summary

Sonore microRendu offers Ethernet input with optimised USB connection to your DAC. Developed in collaboration between Sonore, Small Green Computer and John Swenson it utilises a custom proprietary audiophile circuit containing only essential components. 

microRendu been designed to incorporate all that is important to USB Audio. The microRendu is easy to configure and can accept audio streams from many digital sources.  There is signal conditioning, signal isolation, and EMI suppression at the input of the microRendu 

Many music servers rely on low-cost mass produced components designed for general purpose computing but
microRendu is a purpose built audiophile device. microRendu has been specifically developed to play USB audio perfectly. Low jitter oscillators, one for the CPU and another for the inbuilt USB hub generate a completely new USB data signal to feed your DAC. The USB subsystem takes three supplies, all fed by ultra low noise regulators.

Combine the microRendu with the optional iFi iPower or an audiophile grade linear power supply for the lowest possible noise floor. 

Sonore DLNA Bridge APP allows Roon output to DLNA streamers (NAIM etc), Spotify Connect and Songcast playback. Native DSD support now for selected DACs, now work as a network output for Audirvana

V2.7 includes:
Tidal directly to your Sonore Rendu Series player/USB DAC.
Spotify Connect updated - Multiple bug fixes 
* DSD direct DACs are now auto-detected within the Sonore Series Rendu players

microRendu requires 7v-9v power. We offer a cool running, good quality 7.0v supply (which can also be used with the iFI iPurifier). Alternatively, the acclaimed iFi iPower supply (9v). Both are multi-region. Use of voltages above 9v will invalidate warranty. Use an audiophile grade linear PSU for the lowest possible noise floor. 

In the box - microRendu, User Guide, (60 day Roon free trial voucher included)

You should not use Cat 7 ethernet cables on the ultraRendu because often they have a grounded shield with a metal plug body which would defeat the units inherent galvanic isolation.

This product sold/supported by Audiostore Ltd (UK)  Price includes EU import charges, VAT etc. 12 months return-to-base warranty. (Warranty excludes damage to USB sockets)

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Customer Reviews
8 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
MicroRendu - Mike Wattles - 14/10/2018
Listened to Nile Rogers on Radio 3 Desert Island Disks and I don t think my Vinyl or the BAT VK D5 SE cd player ever made the Gamut and Wilson Benesch Actors sing as clearly or throaty! Damascene conversion ahead.. Many thanks to Martin for the excellent service getting me on this road to digital without raiding the bank again..

5 product stars
microRendu - Steve Catterall - 31/07/2017
I'm using this as a UPnP bridge between Roon and a Linn KDS. It's extremely small, very easy to set-up and has worked flawlessly. I was up and running in about 15 minutes. Also thanks to Martin for all the help and very quick delivery.

5 product stars
microRendu - Peter Cross - 19/03/2017
I have just bought a microRendu after reading many positive reviews. I was previously quite happy with my system using a reasonably optimised Windows laptop as server/renderer with USB connection to a Chord 2Qute DAC. However,introducing the microRendu into the signal path has led to a huge enhancement in sound quality, with detail that I had never heard previously, even with the basic power supply. Once up and running the device performs flawlessly. Overall highly recommended. The responsive service from Martin throughout has also been absolutely superb.

5 product stars
MicroRendu and UltraCap LPS - Rob Higginson - 15/03/2017
Firstly exemplary service from Martin at Vortex Box. I ve added a MicroRendu and UltraCap LPS and what one instantly notices is the delicacy of the sound produced, which I think is due to the lack of background noise. Subtle quiet detail that has always been there, I assume, is now audible. A substantial step forward and great purchase.

5 product stars
Excellent product - Quint V - 05/10/2016
Had the product up and running with Roon in 5 minutes after arrival. Just plugged it on my Shiit Yggy dac with the USB adapter VortexBOX was so kind to provide for free and started the Roonready app on the webpage. A sonic delight, even cold out of the box. Very detailed, natural and relaxed sound. Using it with a Sbooster BOBW P&P ECO (9V as I had that lying around). Don't be fooled by the somewhat underwhelming looks of the product and its packaging, this is really a high-end product.

5 product stars
Excellent - Blaine Tatum - 01/09/2016
I've been running the MicroRendu into my Chord Hugo for the past month or so. Listening has been via Naim NAP250 + Kudos C30s and also B&W P7 headphones. I've tried a few different sources with the Hugo, including a Mac Mini and an optimised PC. To my ears the MicroRendu is the best source so far. The sound is highly engaging - detailed without being fatiguing. There's also been a noticeable improvement in the soundstage as the unit has worn in. Setup was very straightforward. MicroRendu found my Synology server easily and there've been no dropouts from streaming 24/192 and DSD files across the network (DLNA). Lastly, it's the first purchase I've made from Vortexbox. Delivery was prompt and support (email & phone) has been excellent.

5 product stars
Smashing little bit of kit - Matthew Clegg - 21/08/2016
I got the sonore micro rendu on hearing all the reviews. I have to say that I'm impressed. Even feeding into my mid range system the improvements are really obvious bass seems tighter and the listenibg fatigue is a thing of the past. It doesn't look much but this is a smart bit of kit.

5 product stars
The best 590 I've spent on HiFi ever! - Paul Barrow - 26/07/2016
My system - Roon Core on a 27" iMac 3.2GHz i5 (current spec) - QNAP NAS - SONORE microRendu - Chord 2Qute - Naim NAC-N 272 - Naim NAP 250DR - ATC SCM 40 (current version) Although still early days, I sat down for a proper listen last night having run the microRendu for a solid 48hrs. My initial impression was excellent and there appeared to be significant extra depth and detail to the music. After an hour or so I switched back to using the streaming side of my Naim NAC-N 272 and immediately the sound appeared flat, somewhat lifeless and rather 2 dimensional. I have to say I was very surprised at the difference as previously I considered the 272 excellent. I guess it still is but for me the Roon - microRendu - Chord 2Qute combination via the 272's preamp is a very significant step up. My initial comments are based on using the 7v switching PSU that came with the microRendu. I understand from various forums that upgrading the PSU can make a profound difference so that's for the future but bodes well. Thanks Martin for the excellent service!