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Uptone ISO Regen, In-stock

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REGEN Product*
Meanwell Energiser Power Supply for ISORegen*
Included USPCB (ISOREGEN only) USB A>B adapter*
Additional USPCB USB A>B adapter*

Uptone ISO Regen, In-stock Summary

Designed specifically for quality music systems, the small and affordable ISO REGEN delivers both true high-speed galvanic isolation and extremely high signal integrity

Just insert it between your USB source and DAC. No software drivers are needed, your computer will “see” your DAC though the hub” of the REGEN

With the ISO REGEN in place, you will experience less listening "fatigue" and will find it easier to focus on the music and not the sound. Even top quality systems will normally benefit from some improvement

The ISO REGEN is an active device that needs to be powered: On the input side of the isolator “moat,” power is provided by the 5V BUS of the USB cable from your computer; on the downstream “clean” side of the isolator where most all of the “magic” happens an external supply of 6-9 volt DC is required

The original USB REGEN included a USB A>B adapter for connection to the DAC. Thos comprised four short wires moulded between the two plugs. This was less good than the proprietary USPCB included free with our ISO REGEN. Carefully designed with a 4-layer circuit board, this new adapter perfectly preserves signal integrity and impedance match. BETTER THAN ANY USB CABLE!

The USPCB adapter is also available with B plug turned 90-degrees (clockwise to the right when looking at it from the B end) for vertical orientation of the REGEN. This may be useful with DACs where horizontal positioning would interfere with connection of other cables

Original Uptone REGEN also in-stock.  Another Uptone product with a legendary reputation!  Reduces USB jitter. Connect between source and USB DAC to improve sound quality of almost any system.  

Whether you are feeding your USB DAC from a from a stock computer, a fully-optimized music server, or a streamer/renderer (Auralic Aries, Bryston, Moon Audio, SOtM sMS-100, etc.), the REGEN has the potential to carry your music system to a new level.

The original Regen does not include USPCB or the isolation feature of the ISORegen

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