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VortexBox Multistream

5 product stars
£570.00 inc. tax

£475.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Units in Stock: 9
Optical Drive
Storage Size*
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VortexBox Multistream Summary

Features (DLNA, UPnP, USB DAC, SONOS local, streaming, Squeezebox etc)  (Please tell us if you have B&O system)  

Now available up to 6TB (~14,000+ CD)
(1TB system uses laptop type drive for low-noise and energy efficiency)

Attractive, low cost, low noise, all aluminium system.  
All versions 2 x USB, network socket, audio output (192KHz/24 bit + DSD with compatible DACs)
Optical output option (192 Khz/24 bit) (includes USB3)
Dual core CPU, Quad-core option
1000/100/10 mb/s network compatible.  Bridged Ethernet option offers 2nd 'bridged' network port so that NAA device such as microRendu can be attached directly without additional connection to router.
Consumption typically 12 -15W (Depends on model)

Version with no CD has operating system stored on SSD.

Approx dimensions H100mm x W240mm x D205mm  Sandblast finish, Black or Silver, 4mm aluminium.  

Box contents: VortexBox System, User Guide, external power adapter, power cable, 1M network cable

Standard VortexBox SW, optional Vortexbox Nova

All systems subject to change
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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Great System - James McDonald - 30/05/2016
Looks good and works very well. I have the new Nova software and everything was up and running within a few minutes. With a Chord 2Qute driven directly by USB my CDs sound better than ever and the integration of Internet Radio is far better than I expected.