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V2.6 SonicOrbiter for Rendu

Sonicorbiter 2.6 is officially released for the microRendu, ultraRendu, and the Signature Rendu SE.


If you have Sonicorbiter 2.5 you can just update your unit from the GUI in Apps / Software Manager. As always this update can take some time and you must wait for the display to show the "Back to Main Menu" link before exiting the update page.

Please ignore any Complete notices as they apply to intermediate steps only. If you are behind a firewall (local or government) that blocks website content do not update your unit as it might cause issues with the unit.   

If you have still have Sonicorbiter 2.4 or lower then you need to get an update card from our website. 

These are some of updates included:

  • Bug fixes for librespot (AKA Spotify Connect) with a lot of compatibility updates
  • New version of RoonReady player
  • New version of SonoreUPnP Bridge with volume pass through
  • New version of NAA and GUI update that allows unit name to display as output
    ultraRendu status LED function update (Red=power, Orange=boot, Green=internet active)
  • New DSD DACs supported
  • New version of Shairport

**This update does not include MQA support

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