Storage and playback of your music

Uniquely, systems based on multifunctional Sonicorbiter software integrate a wide range of applications

Roon, Squeezebox (LMS), DLNA, Minim, HQServer (with or without Roon integration), Sonos and others

You may choose the server apps that you wish to use - incorporating your own music and streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and Spotify, together with internet radio, BBC Sounds etc, depending on app

Then you select playback apps, either on the same device (to USB DAC), or from network players such as microRendu or 3rd party streamers

There are on-board apps for ripping CDs, editing tags, mounting USB or NAS drives, backup, monitoring performance etc

Control playback from browser, Apple or Android tablets/phones via a variety of apps