Playback from Nova Servers and 'Rendu NAA devices

Uniquely, systems based on Sonicorbiter software offer a wide range of applications

Supplied with playback apps for Roon, Squeezebox (LMS), HQPlayer, DLNA, Airplay, Spotify etc., you can select the Player apps that you need for the Server systems you are using

In most cases you will connect a USB DAC for playback

If you wish you can set the unit to play from more than one source and swap between them with AudioApp Switcher in under 10 seconds.  So, you can play your music using the best features from various sources

Control playback from browser, or apps on tablets and phones (Apple and Android)

Sonore UPnP Bridge allows many non-compatible Naim, Linn, Moon, Melco and some other systems to act as Roon endpoints