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High Res Music & DSD

Standard Resolution - 44.1Khz/16 bit
Our servers will RIP CDs to flac format.  This is a loss-less compressed format which offers the same quality as the original CD

High Resolution - 48Khz, 88Khz, 96Khz, 176Khz, 192Khz etc
High resolution files are now available from down-load sites although there is a limited selection of music available and it is usually more expensive.  The on-board player in the Vortexbox will play files at up to 192Khz/24bit gapless playback(rear Green socket)

High resolution files will play gapless on most connected DACs to 384K/24 bit and greater with some DACs. (see test files below)  Note that performance of DLNA/UPnP attached players will depend on their software and not all systems will play gapless.Limitations are the connected devices not the Vortexbox.

DSD Files (SACD)

These are the highest quality music files available.  Playback is limited to a small number of DACs (including our iFi and Chord DACs) 

Originally developed for the purpose of archiving analog master recording tapes standard DSD has a bit-depth of 1-bit,@ sample rate of 2.8224 MHz, (64 times the sampling rate of CD Audio at 44.1 kHz, so referred to as DSD64)   DSD128 and DSD256 music at even higher sample rates is also becoming available. DSD is the format used by Super Audio CD 

Our Audiostore Server will up-sample  standard and HiRes music to DSD64, DSD128, DSD256.

High Resolution Test Files
This web-site lists locations where high-resolution test files at various resolutions (including DSD) can be downloaded