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Should I buy a Streamer?

You do not need a streamer to stream music, internet radio and services such as Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and Qobuz

If you add a USB DAC to VortexBox Nova (or Vortexbox Classic) you will have similar facilities to a 'streamer' and equal, or better quality + control Apps that are better than most of the streamer units for a fraction of the cost and with far more flexibility.

Even the
iFi Nano LE DAC (£129) used in this way has an audio specification that far exceeds that of most streamers.

The only feature featured on most streamers that is not present on Vortexbox Nova is a Front Panel display. This may look fine in the showroom but is generally of little use when you wish to control your music or radio stations from your sofa. An App on your phone/tablet is much easier to use and most are much more comprehensive and responsive that the generally poor Apps supplied with most streamers.

Of course you can also use Vortexbox Nova as a music source for a purchased streamer if you wish.