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Nova Software Features

VortexBox has evolved  
Nova, available on our servers, is now our premium product for music enthusiasts

Nova uses an enhanced version of low-latency SonicOrbiter software (as used in microRendu). It is modular software - the user loads only the Apps required. It offers improved performance and a far greater range of options. Nova will rip/store music CDs and stream pre-ripped or downloaded video files

Control a DAC directly, use on-board analogue output or play to multiple network players. Nova paired with a DAC offers more features, higher output quality and far greater flexibility than most streamers, plus a choice of great playback Apps for Apple, Android phones/tablet (and Windows phones)

Customer comment March, 2018. 'You are 100% right, Nova is super user friendly very stable software '

Nova Server Applications: Roon, LMS, DLNA, Minimserver, Bubble UPnP, PLEX, Sonos Integration,
Nova Playback (Renderers): Squeezelite, RoonReady, HQ Player, MPD, Airplay (Shairport). HQ Player, YMPD Player
Nova Apps (Included): CD Import/Ripper, Bliss tag editor/cover management, mirror to MP3, USB/NAS drive mounter, USB back-up, DAC Diagnostics, Subsonic, Sonore UPnP Bridge, Custom DAC, Output switcher, software manager

Nova has an improved cloud-based ripper with improved album-art to convert CDs to flac. Bliss software allows user to edit album art or music tags directly on the system (via any browser).

Nova has powerful ability to drive the best DACs, including high resolution playback of 384K/24bit music, or to DSD512 where supported by your DAC. Add a microRendu or SonicOrbiter remote NAA, or other player to achieve highest quality playback to almost any device around your home.

Nova is also Roon ready. Both Roon server and/or the Roon Ready player run within the Nova offering direct playback of Roon music using the Roon App (Roon levy an annual charge for the App). Roon is processor intensive so for those with large music collections we offer the Audiostore Server. (And others)

With Nova use Sonos and other music systems. Sonos Auto-configure feature for easy installation

Includes many special features including option of ripping to flac compressed or flac uncompressed (level 0)

Nova Configurations  (* Some advanced Roon features require high specification systems)

STANDARD HD HD Y N N Roon testing only
HUB SSD NAS, USB N N Y Medium Roon Library
SILVER SSD HD, NAS, USB Y N Y Medium Roon Library
GOLD SSD HD, NAS USB Y Y Y Large Roon Library