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Connect with your music in an entirely different way. Roon is the best tool for managing large, complex music libraries and also small ones because of the way develops information about your music collection and guides you through aspects of the music, the musicians and those involved with the record to help you get the best from it.

Roon's tight integration with Tidal means that whatever size your collection, it now effectively also includes the millions of CDs in the Tidal library.

Roonserver software is standard on 
all Vortexbox Nova systems.  As Roon is more processor intensive than the other applications that we run we specify our Roon Servers have a special more powerful, energy efficient CPU and other components to offer more processing power for only a small increase in energy consumption.  Heat-pipes help keep everything very cool and very quiet.

Vortexbox Nova software. Run all standard Nova Applications + Roon Server + play to local USB DAC or network player around the house such as microRendu or SonicOrbiter SE.  Nova uses a customised version of SonicOrbiter software.

Use of Roon requires Roon Membership (chargeable) and Roon playback App