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Connecting VortexBox

Connecting your Music Server to your Network

Once you have purchased your server you will need to connect it to your Home Network.  If you don’t have a home Network you will need to build one. Don’t worry it’s easy!

1. The VortexBox appliance connects to your router via an Ethernet cable. You may use the router given to you by your Cable or DSL provider or use the one sourced yourself.

2. Your network media player connects to your router wirelessly or by Ethernet cable. Wireless is shown here. You can use almost any type of media player with Vortexbox including all the Logitech products and Sonos media players. You connect the analogue output of the player to an amplifier, powered speakers or HiFi system.

3. Remote control – You can use an iPod, iPad or iPhone (running iPeng) to control your VortexBox or you could use the SqueezeBox Controllers from Logitech. Paid or good free Apps also available for Android devices.  If you have a media player with it’s own controller you can use that.

4. A computer is not required for you to use your VortexBox. You can leave your low power VortexBox Appliance on 7 x 24, if you wish

5. Vortexbox player can support upto 192-kHz 24-bit files. For ultimate quality most external USB DACs can connect to VortexBox appliance for connection to a HiFi amplifier. (For example Cambridge DAC Magic, HRT Music Streamer+, Firestone Audio Fubar I, PRO-JECT USB BOX, CEntrance DacPort etc)  If you need SPDIF 'Halide Bridge' offers high quality asynchronous USB to SPDIF connection (24/96) 

6. Connect players such as Cyrus Stream, Naim Uniti,Cambridge NP30 or B&O Encore using the built-in DLNA server.  Control via Cyrus/Naim etc remotes.

7.  If you are interested in very high quality Hi-Res music please drop us a note via the contact page to register interest as we can also supply Sonore high end systems with in-built 192-kHz 24-bit DAC from out sister company. 

8. If you do not see what you want please let us know as we will also offer Custom VortexBox servers for professional applications.