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Using Existing Music Files

How do I copy my existing FLAC files (or MP3) to my VortexBox?

Adding your existing FLAC files to your VortexBox is easy. You can copy them across your network using drag and drop.

1. On your Windows system press “Win+R” (that’s the flag button next to Alt key and the R key at the same time)

2. In the Run window type \\vortexbox and click OK This will bring up a window for your VortexBox

3. Click in VORTEXBOX -> files -> music -> flac this is the folder where all the music is stored.

4. Now drag all your FLAC files to this folder.

After adding files to a folder you must re-scan Squeezebox server to index them or the system will not know they are there. (From web GUI (Squeezebox server/settings) or Squeezebox remote.  (If using Sonos rescan from the Sonos player, if using DLNA players rescan from the DLNA web GUI)

Note: There is a music folder under VORTEXBOX -> music -> flac this is contains the same data as files -> music but it’s Read-Only. Point your player to VORTEXBOX -> music -> flac but add your music to VORTEXBOX -> files -> music -> flac.   This may seen a little confusing but it helps protect your music from being accidentally changed by your player.  Other compatible music files such as MP3 can also be dragged into VortexBox. (VORTEXBOX -> files -> music -> MP3)

When VortexBox is ripping a new CD it will put the music in the FLAC folder and create a new directory called <Artist>-<Album>. You can store your music in any directory structure you choose but this is how VortexBox sets it up by default. It re-indexes Squeezebox server after every RIP.

If you have album art for your album put it in with the music and call it cover.jpg. Install Bliss to help with album art management and tag/genre editing.