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Bliss Cover and Tag Management

bliss is included (or optional) with many of our products.You can edit album-art or music tabs directly on your music server.

- when the server digitises your 
CDs, album art will automatically be placed in the music folder. This art is then available to be displayed by your music system. 

The system also generates TAGS which are digital descriptions of the music.
Sometimes the ripping system cannot find the correct information.

bliss can verify the album art and tags and allow changes to be made either automatically or manually from the server web browser interface. 

bliss can be enabled from the server web interface and will continue to run in background (it also checks music drag/dropped from other sources)

Current versions of bliss also allow you to edit artist, tracks, tags etc for your stored music

Be patient as at first it must verify everything but eventually it only needs to inspect new items.
Why not try it?- There are 100 free fixes to get you started
For more information please see bliss home page