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SONOS provides a great way to play music throughout the home

Systems based on our Nova software make it easy to store your existing CDs and digital music to play to multiple SONOS speakers using the SONOS Apple or Android Apps.

The Nova Configures your Sonos music library to point to the Nova server automatically so will usually provide a single-click connection.

SONOS is also a popular choice for users of high-end HiFi systems who also want to be able to play their music in other rooms.  The Nova software allows multi-types of server/player to currently access the users music so this works well, but all SONOS systems have two limiting features (not often mentioned by SONOS)
  • The maximum number of tracks in a SONOS library cannot exceed 65,000
  • HiRes tracks (above 48K) will not play. The SONOS App just says 'Unsupported Format'
Now since March 2018* Nova users can attach SONOS via Logitech Media Server (or other server Apps on Nova) which allows:
  • Almost unlimited library size
  • Automatic re-sampling of HiRes, including 96K, 192K and 384K PCM so that all play on SONOS!
  • Use all of the extra features of LMS with SONOS players.
Users can switch to regular SONOS use in seconds if these features are not required

* (Sonore UPnP Bridge - beta SW)